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“Nice records, Good drinks and Long drive”

Panna is a Co-founder of Olympic digger , A DJ with Lonely girls club BKK and a driving force behind Marshall Thailand. We visited our old friend’s newly renovated apartment in Bangkok. #pannasoftlandingbase

The weirdest interview you’ve had?

I believe it’s this one.

A landing base, a touch down area, a space where you can just “crash” landing and it’s soft. That’s my definition for “home”

What about this corner ?

I have passion in music, most specifically the records. When I renovated this apartment, I decided to dedicate a space for the things that I love most. You can see around here the records, then the smaller corner is for the drinks bar and the coffee bar. That’s most of everything that makes me happy and cheers me up on a long exhausting day.

I heard that friends gave AKA "Cher-Pan" how it came to be. How do you feel about this name?

I don’t really remember how things started. I think a collector-DJ that I know started calling me that and it became viral (hahaha) I kinda like the way it makes people happy tho.

What was the worst or weirdest dream you ever had?

Falling from really high places, maybe.

How do you relax?

Read, listen to music, lying down with eyes wide open and thinking about nothing at all for like 10 mins

What does love feel like?

There are different kinds of love in a lifetime. It sometimes feels like when you’ve had too much sugar until it’s dizzy, sometimes it’s full of pain but you’re addicted anyway. I guess the next one I’m looking for might be the one that gives the same feeling as #pannasoftlandingbase, someone you could “crash” landing on and it’s soft.

What is your favourite smell?

So hard to answer just one… Murraya reminds me of my childhood home. Eucalyptus makes me sleep. Cedarwood keeps me calm.

Where is the most interesting place you've ever been to?

Record stores, any one of it.

Where is the first place you're going when this is over?

That corner (The bar area)

What happens if you lose what you were trying to do?

I don’t know. I never had a feeling of winning or losing in life. It feels like almost everything comes with two sides. You can never win anything but you will just find the way or solution to live with it, solve it, keep it or get rid of it. Failure - that’s one other thing. Always be prepared for that in every second of life. I think everyone needs to get used to understanding this fact that, this is the way things go round, yin yang, karma, whatever you wanna call it.

How would you like to be remembered?

As a true soul.

Early morning or late night ?

Come on man! It’s moonlight and glittering stars! My playlist name is “lights down low” so now you know what we’re talking about here. Click here to “lights down low”

Panna's Woodandmountain pick

Location : #pannasoftlandingbase in Bangkok

Follow her : Panna Panna

Photography : Chang Songaksorn

Film : Given Pimpisa


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